Moreton Bay Regional Council Analysis – Advantage and Disadvantage

It is hard to compare one Australian suburb against another to better understand the socioeconomic level of advantage or disadvantage. We have put together a beautiful map that plots suburbs indicating level of advantage or disadvantage compared to other suburbs in similar states.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Suburb ranking

If you take a look at the below image, you would see that North Lakes, Queensland is more advantaged than Kallangur, Queensland. An in turn, people leaving in Warner seem to be much better off than those living in Brendale, Queensland.

This could be extremely useful for a wide range of reasons. For example, if you would like purchase your home, especially investment home, this metric could potentially play a significant role in how your property investment performs in the medium term. People tend to flock to more affluent areas, because they offer a large number of benefits, such as walkability and infrastructure. This tends to push property prices higher in the long term.

This is also a good indicator that “not everything that shines is gold”. There is a lot of talk to buy property as close to the CBD as possible. It is assumed that properties would grow significantly in value due to their proximity to the CBD. While generally this could be the case as CBD offers access to jobs, transport and infrastructure, it is not always the case. There could be areas near the CBD that are a value trap, close to CBD but of low socio-economic makeup, which could mean they will underperform, until they gentrify and catch-up with neighbours. Petrie and North Lakes, both further from the CBD seem to be the most affluent of the Strathpine, Brendale and Lawnton. This is despite it being the furthers from CBD.

We like Brendale and Strathpine for a wide range of reasons. First, they both have limited land supply surrounding them. This could mean that eventually people who cannot afford houses in affluent areas, like Warner and Albany Creek, would need to purchase in Strathpine or Brendale.

Both Strathpine and Brendale are fairly close to major employment hubs. Among the two we prefer Strathpine since it has better transport links than Brendale.

Below is a map that shows further north towards Caboolture.

Here is the full ranking list

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