What is Australia’s most liveable city?

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Australia is a successful, wealthy and highly dynamic nation. We pride ourselves on equality, mateship, equity and entrepreneurship. While anywhere in Australia could be a fantastic place to live, as far as we are concerned. But some of Australian cities are better than others. Today we look at the capital cities in Australia and rank them according to IPSOS report.

Australian cities ranked by livability. Canberra is the most livable city, followed by Perth, then Adelaide, then Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and finally Darwin.
Australian cities ranked by livability.

What makes a liveable city in Australia?

There are a number of attributes that make a city liveable. These attributes are generally broken into things that help us live our lives. Enable us to achieve our dreams or live life to our terms. We will look into each of these below:

A safe environment

A city is considered liveable when it meets certain metrics. For example,it is supposed to be safe. And while we believe Australia is a very safe country it is only natural that Australians rate safety so high. Safety affects everything, from property prices to sense of satisfaction. For example, if a suburb is considered safe, chances are that property prices in these suburbs are higher.

Accessible health and government services

We also value services the government provides to as highly. Availability of health services is another important metric when evaluating if the city is liveable or not. The better health services provided, the more beds there are per 1,000 in hospitals the more livable city is.

Affordable and good quality property

Property is of cause another important factor. Access to good quality and affordable housing is a very important metric in liveability of the city. People need houses to live in. And if they have to pay significant amount of money for property, the satisfaction is reduced. The more affordable the property is, the more money we have left over. Money we can spend on entertainment and travel. Money spent on things that truly enrich our life.

High quality and well paid jobs

Access to good quality, high paid jobs is yet another metric that makes a city
liveable. Think about it, if the city has a dynamic job market. If it is easy to get a job that provides you with satisfaction and sense of well-being, wouldn’t you be happy? Australia is known for dynamic job market. But some cities are better than other.

Efficient and good quality public transport

Availability of transport is important. High quality and efficient public transport enables people to travel around the city in more effective way. We spend a lot of time travelling to and from work. We spend a lot of time travelling to run our day to day activities.

Australian cities ranked by liveability

  1. Most liveable Australian capital is Canberra.
  2. Perth in Western Australia is the second most liveable city.
  3. Adelaide is the third most liveable city. State government is doing a great job in attracting jobs to the state.
  4. Brisbane is in fourth place. It scores highly in safety, property prices and health services.
  5. Hobart is number five. We think the weaker job market is a letdown for this beautiful city.
  6. Melbourne dropped significantly. It is now in the sixth place. Housing affordability remains an issue. However, the city still has a lot to offer. We believe it has one of the best job markets worldwide and is only second to Sydney.
  7. Sydney is in seventh place. It is not a surprise. While the harbour city is stunningly beautiful, dynamic, international city. We think it suffers from two main vices. Unaffordable property prices, which continue to remain out of reach for many and transport issues due to large amount of people moving into the city and under-investment over the last couple of decades.
  8. And Darwin is the last.

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