Foreign investment in Australia

Why foreign investment is important for Australia

We are living in a globalised economy. Where investment in Australia is vital for prosperity of our nation. Because, foreign investment helps Australia obtain the needed funds to grow the economy. This in turn, improves well-being of Australian people. This also helps boost growth and economic prosperity.

Foreign investment is like any other investment. It usually benefits both sides. It benefits Australia by providing funds for growth and it benefits overseas investors by providing them with often very attractive returns on their investments which might not be available in other countries.

Why Australia is an attractive destination for foreign investment

We believe that Australia provides a wide range of opportunities to foreign investors that are very hard to find anywhere else in the world. Australia is one of the friendliest nations for foreign investment. It provides an excellent, robust and modern investment framework and fast access to investment targets. It can take months to invest in certain countries, investment in Australia is almost instantaneous (property and farms are an exception).

Australia is a very stable country. It has an extremely robust political system, low corruption, very strong rule of law and highly educated workforce. Australia is a growing nation. This means both economically and population wise. Which provides a lot of opportunities in itself.

Investment as an opportunity to gain residence in Australia

With Australia being such a stable and beautiful place to live in, it is common people use investment to gain access to Australian residency. Therefore, it is not surprising that “How much do I need to invest to get Australian PR” is a very common question. Each state and territory has its own regulation in regards to how much an individual needs to invest to access permanent residency (see South Australia). Generally, a PR requires an investment between $1.5 million and $5 million.

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