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Why do top safest suburbs in Sydney matter? Sydney is a big city. Often deciding where to buy and live is dependent on a wide range of variables. However, if you think that safety and choosing to live in the top safest suburbs in Sydney is a priority for you, this article is just what you are after.

Sydney crime safety map

Below is our interpretation of top safe and top unsafe suburbs in Sydney. The darker, the less safe the suburb is.

Sydney crime map, showing crimes per 100,000 person.
Sydney crime map, showing crimes per 100,000

Why safety matters

Choosing a safe and peaceful neighbourhood is often a priority when shopping for a new home, place or investment. A house in a safe suburb is in high demand, we all want to relax and live peacefully. No one wants to worry about someone breaking into their home or harassing their children. Investment in a safe suburb is also often an important consideration. Often investment properties in safe suburbs would command a higher rent and could be in higher demand.

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As cities grow and mature, so does the crime. The larger the city the more crime it brings. Which means as time passes, and as our Australian capitals become bigger and bigger top safest suburbs become more important. Sydney is not an exception from this rule.

 Crimes are trending up as cities grow. Source: here

What are the top safest suburbs in Sydney?

We are suing Crime statistics Victoria crime statistics to analyse safety of suburbs in Sydney. There is a plethora of sources for crime statistics, so each interpretation might differ slightly. It also depends on what crimes are accounted for.

Overall, we looked at all crimes committed in 2018. Out of suburbs with sufficient population size, we estimate that the following suburbs are the safest. Ku-ring-gai, Strathfield, Wollondilly, Lane Cove, Mosman and Hunters Hill are the safest with all less than 3,000 crimes committed in the year. This is closely followed by Camden, Ryde, Willoughby, Blue Mountains, North Sydney, Canada Bay, Burwood and Woollahra. All of these suburbs recorded under 5,000 crimes in the year. Considering population size, and that some of the crimes are petty crimes we interpreted these very safe.

What are the top unsafe suburbs in Sydney?

We see Blacktown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland and Sydney as unsafe. Why? All of these suburbs recorded large number of more serious crimes, like murder. We consider these crimes as the most dangerous and suburbs that record these crimes as unsafe. From total amount of crimes committed we see Sydney, Blacktown, Central Coast, Canterbury-Bankstown and Penrith as the most unsafe suburbs. The city has recorded over 54 thousand instances of crime over the period, Blacktown over 45 thousand. While majority of these crimes are trivial, like petty theft, we still consider that these numbers tell a broader story.

Why some suburbs in Sydney are safe and others are not?

Many reasons could mean that a suburb is safe or unsafe (see suburb information here). Reasons like:

•             Lack of jobs

•             Density and number of people living in high density

•             Socioeconomic level of people living in the area

•             Wealth and type of jobs

•             Prevalence of public services, such as police, government, hospitals

•             Transport links

•             Maintenance and abandonment of properties.

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