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Milsons Point suburb profile is important because this is a prominent suburb. We also consider this suburb to be in the North Sydney (A) area, or in vicinity of thereof. This means that we belive Milsons Point to be in North Sydney (A), or it could mean that it is sufficiently close to North Sydney (A) for us to classify it as such.

Chances are you will come across Milsons Point if you are searching for a house to buy or rent. There are a number of valuable metrics that can be used to help in our decisions on where to live, invest or play. Analysing a suburb is important. This, along with another information, could help an investor, renter or home buyer to make better decisions. We are all about empowering people and reducing the chances they will get a dud investment or purchase a home in a suburb they don’t like. This is Milsons Point information.

About the city where Milsons Point is located

Sydney is a beautiful, harbourside city. It is the capital of New South Wales and one of the largest cities in Australia. The harbour city offers a bit for everyone. From stunning beaches to towering plateaus (who doesn’t know Bondi or Blue mountains. Though we genuinely believe Queensland has the most beautiful beaches on planet earth). For Brisbane visit

Below series of metrics are released to show some of the aspects we use in analysing a suburb when purchasing property.

You are reading Milsons Point ancestry profile

Milsons Point suburb profile: This suburb has 49% males and 51% female population. A total number of 2,162 people have reported this suburb as their main place of residence. This could include renters, home owners and boarders. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all those people own property in the suburb.

Milsons Point has a high percentage of people from English background. In fact a total of 559 have reported to have one or two parents of English background. Thereafter, the next most common ancestry reported is Chinese, with a total of 435 people reporting to have one or two parents from Chinese background. Further, the third most common ancestry reported in Milsons Point is Australian with a reported number of 266 residents reporting parents from this background.

Finally, the forth and fifth most reported ancestries are Irish and Scottish reporting respectively 222 and 170. You can obtain further details by heading to

For example, below graph depicts the ancestries reported in this subrub:

This chart is showing Milsons Point ancestry profile. Top 10 ancestries in Milsons Point are shown from the most prevalent to least.
This chart is showing Milsons Point ancestry profile. Top 10 ancestries in Milsons Point are shown from the most prevalent to least.

Income and wealth profile for Milsons Point

From the wealth perspective Milsons Point can be considered a very high income level suburb. While the majority of people in this suburb earn in vicinity of top over $3,000. That is not to say, that all people have to be in that income bracket. For example, we estimate that roughly 37.9% of people in this suburb earn above average income. In other words, we estimate that to be over $3,000 Total Personal Income (Weekly).

At the same time, 9.5% of people in this suburb earn the bottom range of income. To clarify, we estimate that to be in surrounds of $1,000-$1,249 of Total Personal Income (Weekly).

For example, below graph would show the distribution of income in the area:

This chart is showing Milsons Point income distribution and wealth.
This chart is showing Milsons Point income distribution and wealth.

Generally speaking, the income composition of this suburb could mean that this suburb has a chance of very high capital gains in medium to long term. This is however is not a blanket statement and each property needs to be analysed. Property investors are cautioned to perform appropriate due diligence and analyse the type, location and suitability of their property of choice To request further information, you can head to

Below table will show the top most reported ancestry backgrounds in Milsons Point

New Zealander27
South African15
Sri Lankan9

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