Victoria population overview

Property Wealth and Income

Victoria remains the 2nd most populous state in Australia.  This state population has reached 6,459.8 people as at June 2018. Current growth in residents is coming from a mix of immigration and natural births. VIC is increasing its residents at an Australian record-breaking rate of 2.2%. Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory recorded the highest growth rates of …

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Which states has the highest quarter on quarter population growth?

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Australia is an immigration nation, so much of our history, strength and wealth is built on immigration. So much of the property prices is impacted by immigration as well. Migration benefits Australia in many ways, it rises the wealth of the nation, increases innovation, tends to impact our competitiveness in a positive way, reduces the …

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Taking stock of property prices, January 2019

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Finally, January is coming to an end, a month of celebration, relaxation and Australia day BBQs! There is a lot to celebrate in our beautiful country, like low unemployment, independent regulators and great economy. But there is one indicator that is either great or not so great depending on who you ask. This indicator is …

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